Fall is in full effect and Winter is right around the corner. If you live in a city that comes with a cold winter, it may be time to consider picking up a new pair of boots. If you feel like going all out and spoiling yourself, take a look at these Viberg Scout Roughtout-Leather Boots that  was made exclusively for MRPORTER.

The Viberg Scout Roughtout-Leather Boots will come in either a black oiled version of a beige suede upper. The black pair comed with a tonal sole unit, while the brown pairs comes with a white sole unit. What makes these boots so special is that it’s said that it takes over 200 steps to produce the design on the boots. With that being said, its safe to say that the standards on the quality on the boots are unmatched. Which is is exactly why it will cost you $930 to grab your very own pair, exclusively at MRPORTER.

via: Mr. Porter

Author’s Take

The boot comes out to well over $1000 after taxes. I guess you do get what you par for, right? Although I’d love to own a pair of my own, I just can’t see myself dropping over 1K on a pair of boots. Dope boots, just not for me.