Ron Artest, sorry I mean “The Pandas Friend”, continues to find ways to keep his name (or names) in the headlines. Earlier this Summer he announced that he was going to change his name from Metta World Peace to The Pandas Friend after inking a new deal with the CBA’s Sichuan Blue Whales. Artest spent some time in China and after returning he unveiled some panda sneakers that he’ll be playing in next season.

Drawing some obvious similarities to some Jeremy Scott sneakers, “The Pandas Friend” basketball shoe is a low-top with a removable panda head on the tongue and little panda arms on the side panels. Metta explained the concept behind the shoe:

“Before every game, I will be wearing the white or black shoes. The top part of the shoe has a panda on it…it is removable. I will be throwing it to a friend in the crowd. The person who catches it will be the Panda’s Friend of the Day.”

Very. very interesting concept to this sneaker Metta. There’s no word on who World Peace teamed up with to make the sneaker or if they will ever be for sale. The only think we know is that World Peace is looking to make many “new friends” next season.

via: SC