Hello and welcome to the all-new, all-different edition of Buy, Pass, Wait, where we give our opinions on the weekend’s upcoming releases and whether you should buy it now, pass on it or wait a little while for the price to drop. For longtime readers, you might remember this as a solo affair where I make snarky jokes about retros and the like, but this time we’ve got the KoF staff to give their takes as well. Don’t worry, I’m still snarky so don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

This week is especially notable because it features the retail debut of LeBron James’ latest signature shoe and a highly anticipated Air Jordan 1 retro that will have Tar Heel nation cheering and Duke fans lamenting that they didn’t get the GOAT because that’s the way it should always be. We’ve also got latest Disney and Vans collaboration, a BAIT and New Balance combo that should make 80s babies happy and a pair of Foams that might allude to a brand that we can’t name because we don’t want to get sued.

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Nike LeBron 13 “Written In The Stars” ($200)


Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (Wait) I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new LeBron signature shoe since the Nike LeBron 9 (the “Cannon” colorway is an all-time fave of mine). Now if only I could find a hypebeast to throw a pair of these (the Posite material reminds me of shurikens) at whenever they decide to post a stupid comment on Twitter.  But I don’t see these selling out right away because they’re not a limited release and the barrier to entry is too high at the moment. Need that price drop to happen sooner than later.

Anthony Racaniello, Director of Operations: (Pass) I wouldn’t wear a LeBron 13 off court for anything less than four figures. I’m about ten years and 60 pounds outside of peak playing condition but I don’t think I would wear them on court either. Not unless they add 36 inches to my vertical. Even then it would depend who was watching the game. They are ugly; that’s what I’m saying, very ugly.

Andres Carrillo, News: (Wait) It’s still hard to imagine someone wearing these for anything other than playing basketball. I know most basketball shoes are worn casually these days, but it looks like it’ll be hard to pull these off. Maybe once they get marked down 50% off you should pick them up to ball in.

Juan Carrillo, News: (Pass) I’ve gotten a real good look at the LeBron 13 and throughout that entire time I’ve never shifted my opinion. The LeBron 13 is still unappealing to me when it comes to the look of the shoe. The performance may be there, but the look of the shoe is really not cutting it for me. It seems like LeBrons are getting worse every time they release a new model. I can’t even imagine how they’re going to look in 2018!

Renz Ofiaza, News: (Buy) The last time I was really really interested in LeBron sneakers were when the Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach” was released. I’ll admit it was more for the resale value, but these new 13s are pretty sweet. It really reminds me of classic basketball silhouettes like Kevin Garnett’s Nike Air LE 3, which was actually one of my first basketball sneakers.

Todd Krevanchi, Features: (Wait) This is the first of LeBron’s more recent shoes which I liked at first look. I’m not one for crazy on-court colorways though. I’ll wait because I’d prefer another CW, and most probably pass because the mid always looks better.


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “UNC” ($160)

EIC Juan: (Buy) Wait, hold on, lemme get in the proper mood to think about these…

I love “Carolina Blue kicks” and these classics are no exception. I’ll probably strike out on these come release day because of the hype sadly.

Anthony: (Buy) I love the Air Jordan 1. This year it has been exceptionally hard to pass on the Air Jordan 1s because they have been executed so well. Even the Laser 1, that so many slept on, is one of the most plush, comfortable and underrated executions of the model in some time. I am not a big fan of Carolina blue but who am I kidding… I want them.

Andres: (Buy) It’s gonna be close to impossible to grab a pair of these because they’re OG 1s and they’re extremely limited. But if you’re lucky enough to grab a pair then don’t hesitate. If anything you can trade them with someone else for another Air Jordan 1 that released that year.

News Juan: (Pass) The Air Jordan 1 “UNC” has to be my least favorite OG colorway from all the Jordan 1s. Powder Blue has never been a color I’ve been to fond of and just because you put it on a Jordan 1 High and it’s an OG colorway is not enough for me to make me want a pair. I’ll let everyone else battle it out Saturday morning.

Renz: (Buy) The Air Jordan 1 High will always be a desirable silhouette and this colorway is obviously a classic. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase a pair for retail. (After another long wait of trying online).

Todd: (Buy) It’s really difficult to mess up an Air Jordan I (not that it hasn’t been done with the mids over and over and…). North Carolina has forever been my teams and their colors have forever been my favorite. I can’t pass, right?


Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Gorge Green (But We All Know The Real Nickname But Can’t Say For Legal Reasons)” ($230)


EIC Juan: (Pass) The swoosh has forever bothered me on the Foamposite Pro, like it was just tacked on to help people remember that the shoes are a Nike product. Having the Posite material and the swoosh match colors doesn’t help matters at all, although I am curious to see somebody try to match this up with their (probably) fake all-(redacted) everything outfit.

Anthony: (Pass) One of the better looking Foamposites in a little while. Still, I think I have finally found the strength to move on after selling all but one pair of the classic Nike. Sticking to my guns, the Foams and I are done.

Andres: (Pass) I understand Nike taking a shot at the popular “(redacted)” colorway, but did they have to make two separate colorways? If you can still get the black pair that already released I say get that one instead. But only if it’s for retail or less.

News Juan: (Pass) I’ve never owned a pair of Foamposites because I’ve always thought it was a really ugly shoe. I never really understood the fascination people have with these shoes, but Nike has never received a dollar from me when it came to buying Foamposites. Add in the fact that they cost $230, there’s no way I would ever consider getting a pair!

Renz: (Pass) Just the name bothers me alone. The Foamposite Pros is actually one of my favorite silhouettes and I honestly would’ve preferred it without the Green/Red accents.

Todd: (Pass) I’ve never been a big “Foam” guy and I really don’t like it when it dons the swoosh. The (redacted) color palette is one that I really like and like it on other silhouettes, but you can have this one all to yourself.


BAIT x HASBRO’s GI Joe x New Balance 580 – Arashikage Pack ($160 each)


EIC Juan: (Pass) I’ve been on Team Snake Eyes since the 1980s so I’ll support anything that has his name on it, except when they’re on a New Balance model that I don’t have a fondness for. As an aside, Ray Park deserves an Academy Award for having the only watchable parts of those terrible GI Joe movies.

Anthony: (Wait) I want to love this pack but I can’t help but wonder if they would look better on different New Balance models. Also, it bothers me that I prefer the Storm Shadow make-up over the Snake Eyes execution. As a kid I was Team Snake Eyes, so I refuse to pay full retail for the Storm Shadow inspired kick.

Andres: (Pass) I like the theme just not the silhouette. The GI Joe pack that released earlier this year with the 574 and 710 was better in my opinion. I never watched GI Joe growing up so that may have a large part in why I think these are a pass. I did play with toy GI Joes though. Does that count?

News Juan: (Buy) I’m a big fan of the New Balance 580, and although I wasn’t too familiar with GI Joe as a kid, I think the collaboration was done really well, particularly the Snake Eyes colorway. I really like shoes that utilize different textures on the uppers and there seems to be a little bit of everything on this pair. Although I would like to own a pair, I have a feeling it may be a bit hard to get due to the fact that it’s a collaboration with BAIT and I’m not too sure if they plan on releasing in large quantities.

Renz: (Buy) Growing up as a kid, I was never really a GI Joe fanatic and GI Joe-inspired or not, just the makeups of both models are pretty appealing. In terms of choosing a side, definitely Snake Eyes. Just less hassle for cleaning.

Todd: (Buy) Next to the 999, the 580 is my favorite New Balance silhouette. The combination of materials gives each offering it’s own unique look. I could do without the heel gradation and speckle, but I’ll give them a pass on that.


Disney x Vans “Young At Heart” (Price Varies)


EIC Juan: (Pass) They’re perfect for a day at any of the Disney parks and while I can myself getting a pair that features characters that are near and dear to me, nothing from this most recent collection is striking as a must-have. However, the moment they make a DuckTales edition, I’ll be there day one.

Anthony: (Pass) I am 32 and I am not young at heart. Im two donuts away from falling asleep at all times. I am cranky, stressed and these product shots give me a headache.

Andres: (Wait) There’s so many different pairs releasing with different prints on them that you’re bound to find a few of them on sale in a couple of months. I understand the nostalgia that these will bring lots of people who are between the age of 25 and 40 which is why it’s acceptable to wear them. It’s like reliving your childhood over again, but only on your feet.

Juan: (Pass) Come on, man. Although the concept may be appreciated by many, at my age I just can’t see myself rockin’ a pair of shoes with dalmatian puppies on them. I know the whole theme of the collection is being “Young at Heart”, but some things are better off being left in the past. If I want to relive my Disney childhood, I’ll watch my VHS tape of the Jungle Book, not wear them on my feet.

Renz: (Pass) One reason is because the Disney films featured in this collection weren’t any of my favorites. The other reason is, I like my Vans simple and clean.

Todd: (Wait) I like A LOT of these pieces. Not every shoe, not ever shirt, but enough of them to give the collection a thumbs up. I’m just not TOO into Disney pieces to buy at release.