We are getting into the Olympic spirit with this edition of Buy, Pass, Wait as several prominent pairs that celebrate the Summer Games are dropping or have already dropped this weekend. There are a few heavy hitters making their way onto shelves, including a new (but really old, actually) colorway of the Air Jordan 7, a love letter to the last time the Olympic were held here in America and the beginning of Nike’s Unlimited campaign to coincide with the games.

Air Jordan 7 Olympic Alternate

Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (PASS) There’s levels of uh, iconicnessity (FYI, that’s not a real word; just needed to get my point across.) when it comes to sneakers, and the Air Jordan 7 Olympic belongs at or near the top. Because of that colorway’s place in history, releasing an “Alternate” colorway that Michael Jordan may or may not have rejected initially is a tricky one. While I appreciate the history lesson and think it’s great that Nike is willing to put themselves out there by dropping “failed” designs, I can see why MJ rejected them back in the days.

Renz Ofiaza, News: (PASS) It has started to grow on me, but, I still prefer the original Olympic colorway instead. I’m biased towards the theme though. Maybe if the price goes lower, I’ll consider.

Juan Carrillo, News: (WAIT) It’s nice, but I don’t consider this a must-have sneaker. When comparing these to the Jordan 7 Olympics, they’re toe to toe. There’s a good chance the shoe does not sell out, and when that times comes I’ll come right in and swoop them up for below retail. I don’t mind waiting for these to drop in price.

Andres Carrillo, News: (WAIT) I actually like this remixed version of the Olympic 7s. However I’m not too big on Olympic themed sneakers so personally I wouldn’t pay $190 plus tax on this shoe. If I’m able to get it down the line for below retail then I might buy them, if not then it’s cool.

Nike Air Trainer SC High Olympic 96


EIC Juan: (BUY) I have zero chance of copping these, but I would love to own a pair because it really is a loving tribute to the ATL (word to G-Roc) and I can appreciate it when a sneaker goes above and beyond to truly capture a moment in time.

Renz: (BUY) I like the silhouette overall and the colorway is quite appealing. I like it even more since it holds a significance and it’s quite an exclusive pair.

News Juan: (PASS) Great theme execution on the shoe. Love the use of colors and the Georgia Peach/Olympic branding on the shoe. The outsole is crazy, and the use of Gold accents is nice. With all that being said, it’s still not a pair of kicks I see myself wearing a lot, which I why I don’t see myself picking up a pair.

Andres: (PASS) I would say wait on this shoe but being that it’s really limited I know it’s gonna sell out quick. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the Air Trainer SC High I really like this colorway. The materials and inspiration/theme for the shoe are real dope. If I were from Atlanta I would pick these up no questions asked.

Under Armour Curry Lux

EIC Juan: (GOT ‘EM) UA’s foray into the sportswear space should be a success because the Curry One amazingly lends itself well to a more casual look. However, detractors and haters will see these and dismiss them immediately so you should see that as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Despite the limited number being dropped among the first five colorways, you shouldn’t have a problem copping down the line coupled with a price drop.

Renz: (PASS) I appreciate the refined design and colorways, but, I’m not really tempted into purchasing either. Although, I’d choose the Lux Low in tan though. I’m biased towards that shade.

News Juan: (WAIT) The shoe looks sleek, I’ll give you that. The colorways/construction used on both the Low and High are pretty clean. Price is a little high for a Curry sneaker. I’m not against picking up a pair, but I’d rather wait it out. Again, this isn’t a shoe I see myself “needing” so waiting it out to save some cash is not a problem.

Andres: (PASS) Under Armour should have made a completely new silhouette instead of a premium Curry One. Still looks like a basketball shoe to me except that now it has leather or suede. Also I think the colorways could have been a lot better, I’m not a big fan of the tonal looks.

Nike Kyrie 2 Parade


EIC Juan: (BUY) I was a big fan of the Kyrie 2 even before I had a chance to talk to Uncle Drew about it, but now that I can tell that he is very much hands-on with the process and it’s not just lip service, it makes me appreciate the shoe that much more. The Parade colorway would have gone under the radar had Kyrie not worn it during the Cavs’ big parade to celebrate their championship, but now it’s going to be a quick seller.

Renz: (BUY) I’m a fan of the clean color palette/silhouette and I like how the theme is only emphasized on the mid-foot strap. This is one of the best colorways of the silhouette this year.

News Juan: (PASS) Eh, sans the strap, it’s a White and Black shoe. I don’t see anything too special in this colorway. There’s way more colorways of the Kyrie 2 that I’d rather pick up instead of this one. Easy pass.

Andres: (PASS) This is one of the nicer colorways of the Kyrie 2 but since Kyrie and the Cavs knocked my Raptors out of the playoffs I can’t see myself buying these shoes. Haha jk. Aside from the strap they’re also pretty plain. These could have been a lot better, especially since they’re tied to Kyrie’s first championship.

Nike KD 9 Unlimited


EIC Juan: (PASS) I saw a pair in person yesterday and it just didn’t do anything for me. The Olympic tie-in is great and all and I’m a sucker for the volt and pink combination, so it might just be I prefer a more simpler look for the KD 9 as a whole. Of course, I also love the upcoming Birds of Paradise colorway so what the hell do I know?

Renz: (PASS) It’s an appealing colorway, but, I’m not too crazy about it. Maybe it’ll look better if the theme was only placed on the upper.

News Juan: (PASS) I like the Nike KD 9. I really do. I’m just waiting on a really good colorway to drop. I’m not really feeling Volt accents on sneakers at the moment, which is why I don’t see myself picking up a pair. I’m really looking forward to other colorways releasing. I have a good feeling that KD 9 will come out with nice colorways this year.

Andres: (PASS) Thanks to the Flyknit upper, the KD 9 has potential for some real nice colorways. This isn’t one of them in my opinion. The colors make it look too much like a women’s colorway.