Welcome back to Buy, Pass, Wait, your weekly sneaker roundtable discussion about the weekend’s upcoming releases. Sure, there are plenty of kicks that are worthy of a first week purchase but there are also a lot of releases that you might want to give a second or a third look and even then you might want to give it some time until a price drop hits. Think of it as friendly advice that you choose to take or not, but at the very least it’ll give you an idea of what to expect.

In this week’s edition, we’re taking a look at the latest Jordan retro to hit store shelves (and probably stay there), the first of what we expect will be plenty of Nike Kobe 11s, a new BAIT collab with Diadora and much more.

Air Jordan 2 Radio Raheem


Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (NOPE) What a way to start off the year for Jordan Brand with two pairs set to just sit on shelves and just stay there for a while. Ok, while I’m sure the Air Jordan 4 Alternate 89 will eventually sell out especially once the price drops, these 2s will sit like every other 2 that has dropped in the past few years wasn’t the OG white and red or a Just Don collab. Basically…


Renz Ofiaza, News: (PASS) Even though the color combination is somewhat classic and versatile, I’m not really excited about it. Fans of the film should be excited though.

Andres Carrillo, News: (PASS) I have no idea what Jordan Brand was thinking with this colorway. This may be one of the colorways that sits on the shelves the longest this year just like the Pro Star 5s from last year.

Todd Krevanchi, Features: (PASS) While the colorway in general looks like it could have been offered at original release, the outsole needs to be segmented from the midsole. Another forced story line…

Juan Carrillo, News: (PASS) I find nothing even remotely interesting on the Air Jordan 2 Radio Raheem. The last couple of releases of the Air Jordan 2 have sat on shelves well after release day, and they were way better colorways than this pair! There’s no way this pair garners any interest. I’m willing to bet that this Air Jordan 2 is going to be one of the biggest flops of the first quarter of 2016.

Evange Rodriguez, Features: (PASS) This shouldn’t be a surprise, sure the colorway is clean but I continue to have no interest in these lackluster Jordan releases.

Nike Kobe 11 Achilles Heel

Nike Kobe 11 4EIC Juan: (WAIT) Not because I don’t want them, but because I know more is coming and I can’t wait to see them all. I have to believe Nike is going to send off the Black Mamba in a big way so I’m saving my money (and maybe some Nike goodwill) for a rainy day.

Renz: (PASS) I’m just biased towards the colorway. The new upper makeup seems promising though, but definitely a great start for Kobe’s last on-court sneaker.

Andres: (WAIT) The more I see this colorway the more I like it. I’m a sucker for red and black sneakers and the colors were used very nicely on this Kobe 11. I have already decided that I’ll be buying at least one colorway of the Kobe 11 to pay my respects to one of the greatest before he retires. One will be a NIKEiD and this may be the other.

Todd: (PASS) I’m not a big fan of the silhouette of the 11. I was a MAJOR fan of the silhouette of the 10 though. My mind may be swayed if this was put on that silhouette.

News Juan: (BUY) It’s the first colorway of the last Kobe that Kobe will wear in the NBA. There will be more colorways down the line, but this is the first! It has to be a must cop, right? If I was a Kobe fan, I’d be all over these with the quickness.

Evange: (BUY) I was on the fence with the latest installment to Kobe Bryant’s signature line mainly because of the egg like shape of the upper in the toe box area. But I cannot deny how great this colorway looks. With a red to black fade effect on the upper Flyknit material, a gold logo on the tongue and a textured swoosh, this is a good look to start the Kobe 11s. I was going to wait on these to drop in price but the first release of the Kyrie 2s sold out eventually and now to reselling for more than retail and I don’t want to take that chance with this release.

BAIT x Diadora N9000 Notti Veneziane

Bait x Diadora N9000 11 EIC Juan: (GOT ‘EM) The shoes are very well-made that you can smell the Italy on them. However, I wouldn’t pay over two hundred dollars for them if I didn’t already have them for preview purposes.

Renz: (BUY) I don’t own a pair of Diadoras and these are a great way to start. Just the makeup is solid and premium quality. Definitely one of the best collaborations so far in 2016.

Andres: (PASS) I wish I was as cool as our editor-in-chief (Juan) so Bait could hook me up with a pair. Damn. Also, what’s up with that $220 price tag?

Todd: (BUY) All day long BUY. The silhouette is just fire. The Packer Shoes x N9000 made my end of 2015 best of list. The color blocking, the quality look of the materials, everything about this shoe is over the top.

News Juan: (WAIT) Why do they have to be $225 though! If these were priced cheaper, I’d be all over them. That’s the only reason I’m not saying buy. I love the shoe, it’s just a little too expensive since I’m not used to paying that kind of money on a Diadora. Here’s to hoping that people sleep on them and I can grab a pair at a discounted price.

NikeLab Air Force 1 Mid Tan

Nike Air Force 1 1 EIC Juan: (PASS) Between the Air Jordan 1 and the CP3.IX, this lighter shade of Tan is really making their way through the Nike’s finest. If only it wasn’t a mid though…

Renz: (BUY) I’m biased towards the silhouette and this colorway is extremely beautiful. Simple and stylish, the premium makeup is a winner too.

Andres: (PASS) Why do Air Force 1 Mids even exist again? I think nobody would argue against scrapping the silhouette for good and only having lows and highs.

Todd: (WAIT) The Air Force I mid is exponentially a better silhouette than the high. The tan colorway is great, but again, I’d like to see outsole segmentation from the midsole (gum please) and I’m not a big fan of the Vac Tech-esque upper construction.

News Juan: (BUY) Quality will not be an issue on this Nike. Premium Vachetta Tan leather construction? Yes, please. For all of us always complaining about quality issues, there you have it. A Nike shoe that’s worth the retail price (I think?).

Thoughts On The Air Jordan XXX (30)

Air Jordan XXX lead EIC Juan: No matter what Jordan Brand does, it will never please the current sneaker crowd who just wants retros (and they don’t even want those, which is weird because Nike and Jordan Brand make obscene amounts of money so somebody is buying them). That being said, the XXX (30) is still a landmark release that will pique the interest of the general public and those who don’t really live in the echo chamber simply because of its longevity. People will talk and hopefully the Jumpman is up to something that will change the game again.

Renz: Not that high. I think the 29 was the most appealing in a while since the 18s. I’ll always be more biased towards the previous silhouettes (1-18). I do hope it’ll be a slimmer/simpler variation of the 29.

Andres: I hope that the Air Jordan XXX has some lifestyle appeal to it. I know and understand that technology comes first, but what’s the last Air Jordan to release that looked good with some jeans?

Todd: Knowing they have a landmark anniversary coming up, I’m sure the folks at Jordan Brand wanted to make this special. The XX9 high and low were the first Air Jordans I REALLY liked right off the bat in a long time. I’d like to see a return to simplicity in the upper and no forced design elements as in silhouettes past. Fly Weave technology allows them to offer a very simplistic upper so I’m hoping they use it. As I said earlier, I love the Kobe 10 silhouette, and part of it was because of its simplistic upper. C’mon guys, don’t let me down…

News Juan: Jordan Brand has been doing a great job when it comes to the performance aspect of their latest signature shoes. My hope for the Air Jordan 30 is that it looks just as good off the court as it performs on the court. It’d be nice to have a new Jordan signature model that can be wearable on the street and not just be strictly for basketball.

Evange: I honestly have no hopes for the Air Jordan XXX. Until this question was purposed I’ve never even given it a thought. The Jordan line is just not for me.