Available now on eBay. We debut our weekly Bring It Back segment with a detailed look the Nike Total Air Foamposite Max – Tim Duncan. The Bring It Back column is all about making a statement to the sneaker companies to re-release or retro a classic pair that deserves a chance to be revived.

This week, we are making a call for the Nike Total Air Foamposite Max – Tim Duncan! The shoe was totally iced-out. It matched the player. Tim Duncan was cold blooded and ice cold. He was cooler than the other side of the pillow. He wore the same uniform as the orginal ice man (George Gervin), but flossed a different number. His game was sweet. It wasn’t about showboating or the prettiest crossovers and moves. He was about the grind, the basics, and he treated the backboard like a date: he kissed it all night long. Duncan liked shoes that shined and made a bold statement. So when the Total Air Foamposite Max was released and added to the Nike Basketball line-up in 1998, he was the first to put it on and show it off.

Bring It Back! What do you think about the Nike Total Air Foamposite Max – Tim Duncan? What would you rather bring back?

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Pics via tre-thousandgt