After a year of development, BrandBlack introduces its latest offering with the “Totem.”

Founder of the footwear label, David Raysse, worked in conjunction with Swedish designer, Erik Bjerkesjo, to create the silhouette. With a mixture of designs shared in between them and refined during the schematic process, the model’s respective moniker essentially symbolizes the story — the addition and subtraction of “tribes or heads” to a project.

Resulting into a functional basketball performance sneaker that flaunts fashion sensibilities with its military undertones, the sneaker is shaded in a colorway of black and olive respectively. With retail price set at $250, you can find a pair at BrandBlack stockists starting January 22, 2016.

An all-black and all-white colorway of the sneaker is expected to release on Summer 2016.

via: BB

Author’s Take

I’ve never really paid attention to this label, but this offering is pretty solid. I like the militaristic/utilitarian vibe it gives off. The design itself is pretty sweet as well.