Today at the Nike Vault @ Staples Center, a special release was held to celebrate the launch of the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 BG. The release marks the first time fans of Blake Griffin and the Hyperdunk will be able to get their hands on the shoe he wore during this year’s All-Star game. In addition to the release, Nike also used the event as an opportunity to reveal the new design of the Nike Vault.

The house that Kobe built has been updated in the offseason with a new look and feel. That black wall with the television is now gone and a new Flywire installation has been built. Created by local LA artist, Megan Geckler, the installation takes an exploratory look at Nike’s Flywire technology using simple flagging tape. The front widows of the Nike Vault are now cascading with flagging tape shaped and formed to mimic the Flywire design present in the 2011 Hyperdunk. Additionally, the center piece is enhanced  with several Hyperdunk sneakers.

Outside of the art installation, the Nike Vault has also been transformed to Blake’s house. The front walkway is adorned with imagery of the explosive player as is the rest of the walls in the shop. Blake’s stats can also be found littered around the building as well as plenty of merchandise. Nike and Blake are pushing a Perfect 10 campaign, and shirts and jackets can be found through out the store with 10.0 written across them. Part of the perfect 10 merchandise is the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 BG.

The hype around Blake’s signature shoe has been building for the last few weeks, and the launch did not disappoint. Fans lined up for hours at the Nike Vault just for an opportunity to get their hands on the new sneaker. Twitter and Facebook had been buzzing all day about the shoe being sold out at certain spots, so desperate fans took to Staple Center for a last-ditch hope to grab a pair. In addition to the normal launch, the Nike Vault was also the place to get a special edition box set of Blake’s shoe which included a custom box, the shoes, and one of the new 10.0 track jackets. With only 32 of the box sets made, you can rest assured that they sold out very quickly.

Overall, the new look and feel of the Nike Vault combined with the rising star that is Blake Griffin (Did you know he made 214 dunks last season), made for a great sneaker launch that not only brought us a new signature model, but also led the way for the new Hyperdunk 2011 line at Nike set to launch next week. If you didn’t get a chance to grab a pair this weekend, the Nike Vault had a few pair left, but you may want to call ahead to check just in case. Now we just need to  make sure this NBA lockout gets taken care of before the season starts, or we may not actually see Blake play again until 2012-2013. And boo, I say boo to that!