Image: popcultureaffidavit

The sneakerhead culture has grown immensely in the past few years and because new people are jumping on the bandwagon every day (and no, that’s not a bad thing necessarily, old heads), they bring with them both the lessons they’ve learned from those that came before them and ridiculousness they’ve encountered online.  Because everybody (yes, including sneaker blogs) likes to just throw things on the proverbial internet wall without actually giving their words some thought, sometimes those absurd things that we say on a tweet or a blog post can be taken seriously.  Case in point, for this edition of Best and Worst, we are going to be taking a look at some of the more asinine #sneakerheadmyths that people have taken to heart.

No, it just means you like Jordans a lot and there’s nothing wrong with that in a vacuum. It’s when you act like those things are God’s gift of sneakerheads and act like everything else is garbage is when it becomes a problem. There’s no rule that says you’re not a sneakerhead if you don’t like Jordans, but there should be one that denies you membership if you think they’re the only thing that matters.