Over the years there have been some great advertisements for the basketball world all of which don’t focus on sneakers some are just for publicity. For the entertainment of all those who just love the game here is a comprised list of some of the best basketball advertisements not just limited to sneakers. From more current advertisements to decades ago these ads gave the viewer the best sense of being in the game or what their product is about.

10. ┬áJordan Brand: Blake Griffin & D’arryl Drain

Blake Griifin takes it back to the playground in hopes of a good pickup game. Finding himself one player short of a 3-on-3 he has to settle for D’arryl Drain a cocky teenager who had never heard a shot go through the net but just knows all his shots go through the rim. On the first play Griffin realizes every shot Drain takes is a perfect alley-oop pass. Drain and Griffin become the blakcktop equivalent to Lob City while Drain just knows he is making every shot. A great advertisement allowing this Jordan athlete to fly through the air and show off his kicks.