The “snake” theme has ruled 2013 thus far with many passing kicks, and many to come. But SoCal fanboy shop BAIT has taken it up to a fever pitch with their BAIT x Reebok Question Mid “Snake” collaboration. BAIT frontman Eric Cheng recently sat down with Complex Magazine categorizing the kicks and the process in creating them. He states about the design:

We wanted to see a Question that hasn’t been done before. It’s not an original idea, but we thought it’d be great to see a snakeskin Question. At the time, there wasn’t one and we were just looking to design and fill that void.

We also had our conceptual narrative that would tie into our previous project; the Saucony Shadow 6000 Blue Apple. That shoe we designed is the forbidden fruit, while these are the instigating serpent.

And the design came off without a hitch, yielding the classiest and cleanest snake themed sneaker of the year thus far. Their take on the Reebok Question Mid  features master craftsmanship and aesthetics throughout. The toe box is a soft patent leather, one of the only parts of the shoe that is not snakeskinned. The top of the upper is a white, grey, and black snakeskin, while the bottom of the upper looks to be a suede snakeskin texture. The venomous Reebok logo also is draped in a white snake skin. The BAIT name is stitched boldly on the back of the kicks on a white snakeskin background. All this sits atop a white midsole and black translucent sole. The kicks are indeed a work of art. If your looking to pick these up you can grab them for $180 at the BAIT store on August 10th, or on their website on August 11th where they’ll have limited quantities. The kicks also come with a complimentary shirt.