Overhype?With the sneaker game flourishing and moving full speed ahead, there has been a lot of commotion among sneakerheads about what is happening to the sneaker culture. Whether you want to blame a hypebeast, a reseller, or the brands themselves for releasing ultra limited quantities, you have to admit that it’s getting harder and harder to acquire a pair compared to past experiences. Lines are getting longer and people are willing to pay inflated prices for almost everything! Which begs the question, are the following sneakers ALL hype? Some of these are already listed on Ebay for over $1000? Are These 5 SNEAKERS the Most OVERHYPED Sneakers of ALL Time?

Nike Lebron 9 P.S. Elite South Beach

5. Nike Lebron 9 P.S. Elite South Beach

Ever since the release of the initial South Beach Lebron 8s, the South Beach colorway has been implemented on a plethora of sneakers. A lot of sneakerheads even consider the colorway overkill but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from snatching a pair. After a much anticipated release, the South Beach aka Miami Vice Lebron 9s sold out within seconds! But does it make sense that they are selling for more than the Air Jordan 11 Concords?

Current Price Range: $500 – $900

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