We have yet to verify the benefits of the APL Concept 1 shoe, but that may come sooner than you think considering the brand just dropped the price of the sneaker from $299 to $195. The drop will put the shoe in the range of some the top end basketball shoes, like Faomposite and Air Jordans, but will still keep it priced relatively high. Ever since the shoes were officially banned by the NBA, the company has been on a heavy marketing push. Add to the ban a group of new colorway that compliment the Athletic Propulsion Labs made shoe, and they just may start selling a few more pairs. Does the $195 price point push you closer to buying a pair?

Official Press Release:

Athletic Propulsion Labs® Announces New $195.00 Price Point on All Concept 1 Basketball Shoes and Introduces the APL® Concept 1 Green Edition

LOS ANGELES-Athletic Propulsion Labs® announced today a new $195.00 price point for all APL® Concept 1 basketball shoes and the introduction of a limited edition, signature electric green shoe.

“The lowering of the APL Concept 1 price point from $300.00 to $195.00 is designed to expand the reach of our revolutionary products so that a broader group of basketball players can experience the benefits of our technology. Due to the extraordinary growth we’ve had as a company in such a short time, we have become more efficient, and this has allowed us to make the APL Concept 1 more affordable to our customers,” said Co-Founders, Adam and Ryan Goldston. Until today, the company’s Concept 1 basketball shoes had been priced at $300.00 and were considered one of the most expensive basketball shoes in the world. APL has seen strong demand for its products since October 19, 2010 when the NBA banned the Concept 1 due to an “undue competitive advantage.” The NBA ban was a result of the benefits provided by APL’s revolutionary Load ‘N Launchâ„¢ technology which is designed to instantly increase vertical leap. Today’s announcement of the new $195.00 price point covers all APL Concept 1 shoes sold on the company’s website at www.AthleticPropulsionLabs.com and is designed to expand the audience for the products.

The company is introducing the limited production $195.00 APL Concept 1 Green Edition today as a special anniversary product. The APL signature green color was inspired by the unique, eye-catching paint seen on some of the world’s exotic supercars, which have been a primary inspiration for the design of the APL Concept 1 basketball shoes.

The Concept 1 Green Edition features a carbon-fiber synthetic upper with a black and green performance outsole and the company’s revolutionary Load “˜N Launchâ„¢ Technology designed to instantly increase vertical leap.

The Concept 1 Green Edition shoes are available exclusively through www.AthleticPropulsionLabs.com, and buyers will also receive a free gift of an APL Reversible Gym Bag with purchase of the Green Edition shoes.

Source: CounterKicks