Klay Thompson is set to get his second signature shoe with Chinese sportwear company, ANTA. After playing most of last year in the ANTA KT1, next season will have Klay rocking the ANTA KT2. Today we get a first look at that shoe.

The ANTA KT2 is spotted above in an array of different colorway. Some of the colorways/themes were actually used on the KT1 and are once again being used on the KT2. Themes such as the Warriors colorway and the Make It Rain were found on the KT1, while new vibes such as the Pink and White and Green version make their debut on this model. My first look at the shoe makes me believe that if you were a fan of the KT1 design, you’re probably going to like this one as well. Features worth mentioning on the shoe include the reinforced heel, the heavy patterns on the quarter panels and the new look of the midsole. Thoughts on the shoe? Stay tuned to find out when these release.


images: thebasketballshoes
h/t: SC

Author’s Take

The ANTA logo is lacking. I think that’s a big reason many people aren’t a fan of the shoe. The overall design is okay, but it’s nothing I’ve never seen before. For what it’s worth, I think I like the KT1 better.

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