About a month ago we reported a sneaker robbery that began by way of communications through Facebook. Sadly, we have another one to report, with this one having the thieves getting caught. You’re not going to believe how they got caught either. Let me break it down for you.

The robbery was made possible because of some dumb members that are a part of the FB group atx small feet size 4-8. A member looking to sell his shoes set up a deal through the group. Sad thing is, the 3 potential buyers who scheduled to meet up with him had no intentions of paying for those said sneakers. The three juveniles ended up robbing the seller. Soon thereafter, the seller posted the robbery incident in the group page. This is where the thieves messed up: One of the suspects actually threatened assault in a comment. To make matters worse, one of the other suspects decided it was a good idea to post the stolen property on the group page and try to sell it himself. SMH. KEYE TV reports that police eventually arrested all three suspects after one of them used a library computer to post a photo of the shoes with a caption reading “#YOLO.” The suspects were arrested on Sep. 7 and are currently being held at the Gardner Betts juvenile center in Austin, Texas.

via: Sole Collector

 Author’s Take

Things that make you go “hmmmm”. Come on bruh, you’re giving all of us a bad name. Damn.

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