FrontYou could say that this season adidas was put in a holding pattern of sorts.  With Derrick Rose out for the entire season, Dwight Howard going through (and still going through) his melodrama and Ricky Rubio still trying to reclaim the magic that made him a celebrity overnight, their three biggest – and most expensive – stars could not carry the brand like adidas surely hoped they would this season. But when a star goes down, an opportunity is there for someone to emerge from the ranks and become a star in their own right.  Front 2

Prior to the start of the season, adidas signed several rookies from the 2012 class, banking on the fact that this was a deep draft that was full of potential.  Sure enough, they would strike gold in the form of Damian Lillard, the 2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year, and in promising kids like Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond.  And even though Rose could not be there to carry the torch in Chicago, guys like Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler were there pick up the slack on the sneaker front, rocking Rose’s signature shoe while getting a chance to shine themselves as you’ll see on this list.

Along with John Wall making the move to adidas to Jrue Holiday earning his first NBA All-Star berth and Iman Shumpert leading the #KNICKSTAPE charge, there was no shortage of adidas athletes making waves this season.  And then there was the ageless wonder Tim Duncan, who defied the odds and earned another All-NBA First Team selection while leading his San Antonio Spurs back to the NBA Finals and were a Ray Allen miracle shot away from being the owner of five championship rings.  Duncan might not be the best spokesman for adidas’ “Quick Ain’t Fair,” but he proved that “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” at the very least.  And to think that Dwight Howard is eleventy years younger than him… 

10. adidas Crazy Light 2 PE by Ricky Rubio10b 10a