When Jordan Brand began their current “remastered” movement a couple of years ago we saw the production numbers and quality (sometimes) go up on pretty much all of the sneakers that they released weekend after weekend. As a result that has lead to most retros sitting on shelves weeks and even months after they debut. Well that is about to change in 2018 according to Nike brand president Trevor Edwards.

During Nike, Inc.’s Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter reports, Edwards’ has this to say about Jordan Brand, “we want to keep Jordan icons coveted and special, which is why we are proactively managing the exclusivity of specific iconic styles.”

This means it’ll once again be difficult (remains to be seen just how difficult) to cop retros in 2018 and they’ll most likely stop hitting the discount racks. What are your thoughts on this news? Are you happy that Jordan retros will be more limited or do you like the way things are at the moment?

h/t: Sara Germano