Will The Air Jordan Kobe Pack Ever Release? (Video)

Earlier this year, Jordan Brand celebrated the career of Kobe Bryant with an amazing collection of Air Jordans made just for The Black Mamba. Well, most of them were made just for the Black Mamba. A pair of Jordans, the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8 to be more specific, that Kobe actually wore during the 2002-03 NBA season during his sneaker free agency got a slightly wider release. And by slightly wider release, we mean that the two-pack made their way to a very exclusive club of celebrities and friends of the program complete with special packaging.

With a box set that looks like it was made for a retail release at some point, we have yet to hear word if sneakerheads will ever get a chance to cop the white, purple and Laker gold Jordans. Such a unique place in Jordan Brand and Kobe’s history will forever be desired by the community, but will the trigger ever be pulled for what will surely be an instant sell out no matter how much or little they make? Time will tell and hopefully this video will remind Nike of what the people want.

For more information on this hopeful release, stay tuned to our Air Jordan Kobe Pack launch page for all latest news, images, videos and more.

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