My, my, how quickly the tide has turned. After months of anticipation, the Air Jordan 8 Aqua landed in stores and guess what? It’s still there. As of the time of this post going up, you can still go to any reputable retailer online and pick up a pair in any size. If you’re craving the person-to-person experience, every mall in America is more than likely sitting on multiple full size runs. After years of begging Jordan Brand to “make more pairs”, we finally got what we wanted. But it came with an unexpected result; now the shoe sucks because it didn’t sell out. Look around social media and you’ll see hate for the Aqua 8s simply because they’re still available. Actually, don’t go on social media because your head will just hurt, but our feelings are summed up by this tweet.

According to our sources, around 750,000 pairs of the Aqua 8 were made. We don’t know if that’s just for Black Friday or if that also includes those “random restocks” that you know is happening over the next several months. Regardless, that’s a lot of pairs of Aqua 8s around the world. That should be a good thing for people that want the shoe and those in the sneaker community who want Jordan Brand to do right by their customers. Now the Jumpman is making sure those that want it can get it and nobody has to go through resale channels. So why the backlash? Now obviously there are who don’t like the Aqua 8s because they don’t like the way they look for or feel and that’s fine (that’s how most of the KoF staffs feels anyways), but what is the obsession for some that a shoe has to sell out for it to be “cool”?

It’s basic human psychology to want what we can’t have. As kids, when our parents says that we can’t do a certain thing – even if it’s dumb – because we’re too young, we fight for our right to do that dumb thing. We want the unattainable more than we do the thing that’s easy to get. Extend that to sneakers and it becomes “we want Jordans because they look cool and they’re hard to get.” What’s hard to reconcile is the segment of the population that thinks the Aqua 8 is cool, but they won’t buy it because it’s an easy buy. If this were a romantic comedy, the main protagonist is a guy/girl who has no problem getting dates but won’t commit because everybody just says “yes” to them. However, they will fall for the first person who says “no” simply because they said “no.” That’s funny in a movie context; it’s confusing and at times infuriating in real life.

"750k for 190 bucks a pop? Yes!" (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
“750k for 190 bucks a pop? Yes!” (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Well, I got some bad news for those people; get ready to see more examples of hyped releases getting bigger production numbers. Of course there will still be retros (like next week’s Air Jordan 6 Maroon) that will be a tough cop, but Jordan Brand is figuring out the magic formula to maximize their profits and consumer base. They can afford to see an Aqua 8 or a Pro Stars 5 or a Marvin the Martian 7 sit on shelves and eat a price drop. Eventually, someone who has never bought a retro before is going to buy them and get caught up in the culture and buy more retros. Meanwhile, those that sit and complain about overproduced retros won’t actually quit because there’s always a long-awaited OG or a hot new colorway that will make them forget about their complaints. It’s the sneaker circle of life and it will live with or without you.

(And since I haven’t left my house yet to see if the Aqua 8s are really just sitting, here’s a sampling of pics and comments from the community talking about them)