Air Jordan 7/14 ‘Chambray Pack’ Sample

If we would have waited until July 14th to post the Air Jordan 7/14 ‘Chambray Pack’ chances are somebody would have seen the model numbers and confused it with a QS release or something. Just to clear up any confusion this is not a model set to release, it is indeed a sample.

A while ago the Air Jordan 7 released in a Chambray colorway and in this post what we have is a companion model that never made it to retail. Here we see the Air Jordan 14 with a full Chambray upper and also an Air Jordan 7 ‘Chambray’ Low. Neither of which made it to retail but chances are if they did they’d be snatched up with the quickness. What do you guys think of this set of sneakers?

Air Jordan 7/14 ‘Chambray Pack’ Sample
Black / Chambray

Source ModernNotorietyrareair45