Dank Customs has one of the most inventive minds. On a continual basis, we are gifted with customized pieces of work that give the original colorway a run for its money. The latest silhouette that Dank Customs works with is the Air Jordan 7. The AJ7 has had a pretty successful go, but Dank’s “Dave White” custom job on the silhouette makes it one of the standout pairs.

This go around, the Air Jordan 7 silhouette balances a Red, Black and White color scheme and draws inspiration from the original Air Jordan 1 that was designed by UK-based artist, Dave White. A hand-painted elephant print works itself into the design, as does an explosion of stars and some special attention is given to the midsole. If you’ve got any thoughts on the Air Jordan 7 “Dave White” by Dank Customs then drop them off in the comment section below!

Source: jwdanklefs