Air Jordan 6 Rings GS – Black – White – Pink

It feels like its been a while since we saw a pair of Air Jordan 6 Rings. With the exception of the Winterized or Foamposite versions the model has been relatively quiet or relegated to special releases so seeing this ‘normal’ pair is good. This pair however is sized for the ladies and if that ruffles some feathers with the men around here it’s too bad.

From the first glance at this sneaker you can tell its gonna be a sought after model for the ladies with its black patent leather and suede construction. The great looking shoe that is the Air Jordan 6 RIngs is done one better by the addition of the Pink pods on the sole and the color is also used as an accent. There is no word on when they will release yet but stay tuned for updates.

Air Jordan 6 Rings GS

Source: Taobao