The Air Jordan 6 Maroon is here and people are… not impressed it seems.

From the start, the Maroon 6 always felt like a test case for Jordan Brand on a lot of fronts. Would people flock to a retro that, while it is an OG colorway, is relatively obscure in the grand scheme of Air Jordans? Is the public ready to pay over $200 regularly for a remaster that actually lives up to the marketing plan, especially one with “Nike Air” branding? Can a retro like this carry an entire December weekend with the release of the Air Jordan 11 72-10 and possibly the adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Black on the horizon? So far the answer from the people has been mixed. It’s not selling out, but those have bought a pair appear to either be fans of the original early ’90s release (more than we thought we there would be) or are very satisfied with their purchase. The money is there, but the colorway maybe just isn’t doing it for a lot of people.

But enough about our thoughts, here is what #KoFTwitter thought about the release of the Maroon 6 in their words.

And my favorite comment from our discussion…