This “Overjoyed” Air Jordan 15 Commercial Is As Good As The Shoes Are Bad (Video)

Air Jordan 15

Note: This post was first published on February 4, 2013, as part of the XX8 Days Of Flight, but updated to fit our Road To The Air Jordan 30 features.

The Air Jordan 15 stands as one of the most divisive Air Jordans in its entire history.  Taking its inspiration from a X-15 Fighter Plane, the 15 was the first shoe that was released post-Jordan retirement (the second time) that he didn’t wear.  Between the abstract design and the lack of endorsement on the court by Jordan, it would go on to be one of the lowest selling Air Jordans ever.

But even if people were never completely sold on the Air Jordan 15, few will deny the power of its signature commercial, a one-minute spot featuring the first generation of Jordan Brand athletes with a cover version of Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” by Mary J. Blige.

Featuring Eddie Jones, Ray Allen, Randy Moss, Derek Jeter and Roy Jones Jr., the creative minds over at Wieden & Kennedy could not have put together a more stirring endorsement of this quintet.  It made them icons and larger than life even if at the time, only Jeter and Jones Jr. had actually experienced championship success.  They set the table for these athletes to carry the torch for years to come in such a majestic that you believed that they were going to dominate for years to come.  And in the beautiful final shot, Michael Jordan walks away happy and confident that he has left the future and his brand in good hands.

Don’t believe me and the power of this video?  This is the one clip on Youtube that is filled with positive comments.  People were so happy to see this commercial that it actually turned the cesspool that is normally Youtube comments into one that is filled with hope, love and a happy outlook to the future where everybody strives to be the best.  No racist bigotry, no sexist misogyny, no ignorant trolls, just good times all around. So thank you, Stevie Wonder, thank you, Mary J. Blige and thank you, Wieden & Kennedy.

Here’s a sampling of the comments.

I always come back to this commercial, this makes me want to achieve. – Gootothesecond


What this commercial is trying show is that Michael Jordan is the ultimate competitor. Not just as a basketball player but one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport. Everyone around the world looks up to the jumpman logo as a way to strive to be the best they can be. – fatsauce


Wow!! i grew up with these athletes and now Im 22 years old and most of them are retired or getting ready to. Memories!! – mikezap1800


Oh My God, Finally!! Greatest Jordan commercial ever. Reason: 1. The song, 2. Michael took a back seat to introduce his “team.” And then you get that G shot of MJ at the end. – spomante


to the uploader….thank u..I want to shake your hand if we ever meet….i’ve been looking for this version for over a decade…I had it on a VHS tape when I was recording a show on timer….lol yeah VHS…….how time flies! LOL – mickeyelsalsero