If you’re looking at the images above and wondering what happened, this is Nike’s official description of the Air Jordan 12 Wings:

The pressure and discomfort involved in growing and eventually being capable of flying, like his Airness on the court, requires hard work to achieve such a feat. To fly, one also needs wings. The Air Jordan XII ‘Wings’ brings this to life as the black upper reveals gold wings after being wiped, agitated, and rubbed on its natural surface. The man behind the Jumpman earned his wings time and time again in the Jordan XII – most notably in an iconic 38 point performance in Utah while being weighed down by a stomach virus. Earn your own wings in this latest Jordan XII model.

Basically, it’s the Lance Mountain Air Jordan 1 applied to the Air Jordan 12 although judging from the reaction from Sneaker Twitter so far, it isn’t as welcome as the 1s.