How many of you appreciate the little extra things that come with a sneaker and its packaging. Extra laces? Boxes? Special Paper? Retro Cards? If you love the Jordan retro cards, we’re happy to let you know what at least one of the Jordan retros of 2016 will come with the beloved retro card. That shoe is none other than the Air Jordan 12 French Blue.

The picture you see above shows the Air Jordan 12 inside its OG box as we as with the aforementioned retro card that has Jordan dribbling the ball while wearing the Air Jordan 12. No word yet on whether or not more Jordan ¬†will come with the small detailing, but I’m sure plenty of us will be happy to see the retro card make a return. Are you a fan of the retro card or are you only concerned about the sneaker itself? Let us know in the comments below.

Said to be dropping on March 26, 2016 for $190, stay up to date with our coverage on the Air Jordan 12 French Blue directly at our launch page.

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Author’s Take

Little things like that go a long way, in my opinion. I mean, if they really want to execute the “remastered” treatment to the whole extent, I’m sure a retro card won’t set them back a lot of money, right?

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