“Houston, we have a problem”. Early this morning I came across these images of the Air Jordan 11 dubbed the Moon Landing. There was initially not much information only that they were scheduled to release in a few days. Wait, what? I really did not know what to think of it. Could this Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing really be releasing this year? A bunch of questions began racing through my mind. Why did Jordan Brand create this? Who let it happen? Is the Air Jordan 11 officially dead? How many people would actually even consider getting a pair? What would they retail for?

Once the dust began to clear, everything began to make sense. There’s a Spain-based sneaker shop that goes by the name of Sivasdescalzo that actually were the first ones to tweet a link that was promoting the Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing. They said it was going to be quickstrike release set to drop on Monday, December 28th. If you visit the shoe’s landing page, you will find the Nike Air Max Lunar90 inspired Air Jordan 11 along with a countdown clock that lets you know when these will drop. It didn’t take long before the sneaker shop deleted the Tweet but it was live long enough for everyone on social media to begin talking and speculating. Soon enough, we all found out that December 28th (the “release date” of the shoe) is actually “El Dia De Los Muertos Inocentes”, which is basically April Fool’s Day in Spain. You put one and one together and it doesn’t take a genius to know that this was Sivasdescalzo’s attempt at a joke, and to be quite honest I’m sure more than a handful of people fell for it.

I’m afraid to ask this question, but I’ll do it anyways. How many of you would pick up a pair? Please think before you type.

via: sivasdescalzo

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