What you see above is the Air Jordan 1 High Deconstructed. What exactly does that mean, and what is it doing on the Air Jordan 1? In case you haven’t noticed, times are changing, and although the Air Jordan 1 High in its original build is good as is, many of us are more than open to seeing the iconic classic in a different build, at least I am.

This version of the Jordan 1 is classified as deconstructed because the “construction” of the upper has no paneling or layering. In addition, if you take a look at the inside you will find that it also comes with no paneling, sort of like the original Chuck Taylor All-Star. What you end up getting is a minimal-looking, suede-constructed Air Jordan 1. From the pictures provided, it appear as if the Air Jordan 1 sole remains untouched. Two colorways have already been unveiled- off-White and Black. Thoughts on the Nike branded Air Jordan 1? I’m curious to see what you guys think. As of right now, expect these to drop sometime in the Fall/Winter of this year.


via: RAC

Author’s Take

I’m on the fence. It looks like it has potential, but I’ll reserved my judgement until I see more pictures of the shoe.

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