For the first time ever, Jordan Brand has decided to release a sneaker on Cyber Monday! When I first heard the news, I was pretty pumped up about it. Jordan Brand is known for dishing out some pretty solid offerings during the holiday season, so adding one more release to the mix seemed like a win-win for everyone who loves the Jumpman. We’re already accustomed to getting an Air Jordan 11 at the end of each year, just like the Air Jordan 11 72-10 releasing next month. We’re also used to getting a pretty hyped up (if ultimately doomed) retro during Black Friday like the Air Jordan 8 Aqua. Now we’re getting another Air Jordan sneaker to choose from on Cyber Monday?! That’s pretty sweet!

It was only when I found out what sneaker was releasing on Cyber Monday that all my hopes and aspirations of another solid retro to choose from came tumbling down. Jordan Brand decided to give us what people are blatantly calling the Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday (lazy much?). Let me break down the design for you.

It’s an Air Jordan 1 with a black leather upper,  and A white midsole. It also has…oh no, wait… That’s it.

Really, Jordan Brand? You’re going to make your first ever Cyber Monday release, that?! Take nothing away from the Air Jordan 1 silhouette, it’s by far one of my favorite models from the Jordan retro line. But to see it designed in such a simple and unimaginative manner for a highly anticipated Cyber Monday release, seems to be a bit of a let down. 

Cyber Monday 2There will be people who say that it’s a classic colorway, and that black and white sneakers never go out of style, and I respect that. Let me ask you this though, will you remember this release 15, 10, even 5 years from now? I highly doubt it. There is absolutely nothing on this pair that stands out or even remotely grabs my attention. This release would have made a lot more sense if Jordan Brand would have dropped it during any other time of the year. I would have no problem if Jordan Brand had released it in the middle of Summer, or maybe some time in the month of March, but don’t release it during the Holidays. We all know these are some of the most anticipated sneaker months of the year. Many brands tend to bring out their best/hyped releases around this time, just look at the upcoming release of the adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Black.

Everyone is out to make a statement around this time of year, and as Jordan Brand, they need to let everyone one they’re still the brand to beat. They Failed to make that statement with this particular release.

Cyber Monday 1I truly feel as if Jordan Brand missed out on another opportunity to deliver another highly anticipated release during the holidays. Instead, I feel as if they opted to play it safe with this release. They probably thought to themselves:

“Let’s come out with an All Black Air Jordan 1, slap the Nike Air branding on the tongue and release it during the holiday season. The kids will eat it all up!”

Guess what, they’re probably right about that. But you know what else is right? There will come a time in the not so distant future where slapping Nike Air branding on a pair of retros is not going to be enough to make people spend their money on a pair of Jordan retros. It may be working right now, but just like anything else that was once considered to be “hot”, that trend will also start to fade away.

I don’t work this upcoming Cyber Monday, which means I’ll probably have some time to do some online shopping for myself and begin crossing out items off of my Christmas list. One thing’s for sure though, there’s no way I’m getting a pair of the Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday. If you happen to be one of the many people that is interested in scooping up a pair, be sure to visit our Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday page to get all the latest details and information regarding this release.

What side do you fall in? Are you excited about the release? Or is this Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday drop a bit underwhelming? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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