Adidas Centennial

adidas-centennial.jpgThe Adidas Centennial [high top] was originally created in France in both suede and leather. The leather edition was produced in white/ red� white/green white/ natural, and white/ burgundy, while the suede edition was fabricated in colourways such as navy, grey, brown, burgundy or black.

Besides the distinctive shape of its toe box, which had never been seen before in any Adidas basketball shoe, there were many striking features that make it unique. The multi-disk outsole was inscribed with the adidas trefoil to create the maximum branding effect.

Overall, the shoe has an aggressive look to it, including the ridged spoiler flex on the back of the ankle support, created to resemble tense muscles.

Adidas Centennial

First Released: 1985
Original Purpose: Basketball
Example Shown: Reissues
Notes: The Centennial features the adidas multi-disk profile sole for added traction and quick turns.

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