Imagine for a second you’re a five star high school football recruit. You are being courted by all of the top programs in the country. You’ve been the Michigan; you’ve been to Auburn; you’ve been to Oregon; you’ve had a chance to talk with legends like Charles Woodson, Cam Newton and Marcus Mariota. They are all giving you the pitch of why you should choose their school and achieve greatness there. Even if you don’t decide to suit for their schools, for your troubles you get a nice gift basket from their respective brands, whether it be Jordan, Under Armour or Nike.

But there’s one more school that you need to cross off the list and it’s an adidas school. But it’s not just any adidas school. It’s a unique program that just recently became the first… wait for it… Yeezy school. Yup, those cleats were just the beginning…

Now I imagine college football recruiting trips fall somewhere between my own personal experience when I was going through freshman orientation, that time I went to the University of Oregon and Nike gave us a tour, and the scene in He Got Game when Rick Fox was trying to bring in Jesus Shuttlesworth through uh, unconventional methods. The first step is the trip to the campus itself which is basically another beautiful sprawling campus like all the other beautiful sprawling campuses throughout the country. When you go to the school that has a huge successful college football program they’re all going to look great. The real meat of the trip is when you head into the football facilities.

That’s when you see the makr that this new brand is leaving on the school. The halls of the athletic department are not adorned with NCAA championships and portraits of legends past. Nope, it’s a little bit more esoteric as if Vanessa Beercroft got a hold of the design and all the while,  College Dropout is playing on loop (yes, even “Last Call”). The training room is blasting songs like “Black Skinhead” and the superior remix to “Power” with Jay Z and the training gear that the players in there are wearing were designed by Don C. There’s even a barbershop inside where occasionally Ibn Jasper will pop up from time to time to give free cuts to the kids.

Next up is the locker room that has all of the modern amenities that you might expect from a top-flight program, whether it’s the lounge that has 2K playing in the background at all times to the spa facility that is just out of this world. The lockers themselves are state of the art and can only be opened by your fingerprint. But you notice that there’s one locker in particular that’s a little bit different from the rest and it’s got a name tag that you’re quite familiar with because it says “YZY”. Inside your hypothetical locker, your hosts show you what’s inside: a customized jersey with your name on it and pairs of Yeezy 350 and 750 cleats in the school’s colors.  And by the way, if you haven’t been paying attention, your hosts that have been giving you the tour this whole time have been wearing exclusive colorways of the Yeezy that will never drop at retail.

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson

But that’s not the highlight of the trip, amazingly. Your final destination is the stadium where you can hear the faint noise of “Father Stretch My Hands (Pt. 2)” being played by the band and as you make your way inside the stadium you’ll see that there is a conductor that looks familiar leading the charge.  And it’s none other than Kanye West. He’s here to welcome you to the first Yeezy school. You better produce if you want those rare Yeezys…

Coach Kanye WestAs a 17 or 18 year-old recruit, you’ve only ever known Kanye West as one of the most popular figures in the world, whether it be in music, fashion, television and everything in between. You’re not as enamored with the swoosh or the Jumpman as your older brotherAnd now he’s here to give you the chance to be a part of something new and different. Don’t you think that’s something a kid that age would be seriously interested in?