adidas-sounds-of-the-city-series-011.jpgLooks like Adidas decided to pay a littel homage to the good sounds; the sounds that many ways make our everyday lives a bit easier. Adidas Brand is scheduled to drop their ‘Sounds of the City’ Series. The series took five cities, the top five who have had the most influential genres. First, representing Kingston, Jamaica, is the ‘Tuff Gong And Marley Family’ high-top superstar. Next, representing Detroit, Michigan, is the ‘Motown’ superstar. Third, representing Memphis, Tennesee, is the ‘Alligator Records’ superstar. Next, to represent Queens, New York, is the ‘Jam Master Jay’ superstar. And Lastly, representing New Orleans, Louisiana, is the ‘Blue Note’ high-top superstar. While the sneakers do not completely represent all genres of music, it does touch a lot on the genres that greatly influence fashion culture. While these releases are set to be limited releases, each sneaker will be released with a commercial counter-part and Adidas apparel. Check your local Adidas retailer to see if they’ve already dropped near you.

Via: Streething