adidas Originals SL72 ‘Kawai’ – Bluebird/White

If you glanced at the image of the sneaker above and thought “how cute” you are right on the money. ‘Kawai’ is not only the Japanese word for cute but it is also the name of the latest adidas Originals SL72.

The term ‘Kawai’ has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon over the past few decades and has manifested itself in various forms like anime and Hello Kitty. That same feel is brought to this model and you can see from the textural effect on the heel and toe that these are very ‘Kawai’. The shoes are constructed of suede as well as a special rubber material that gives it durability and that ‘Kawai’ appeal.

adidas Originals SL72 ‘Kawai’

Source Suelas de Goma