Adidas Ali Cey Adams

Here’s a preview of the other artists that helped build the Adidas “Ali Collection”. Last month we gave you the complete run down on the entire collection. We also revealed the first sneaker to release which was designed by  Leroy Neiman. From July until December a new sneaker will drop each month. Leroy Neiman blessed the “Ali Classic II” with his artwork. Today you get to see the other 5 Muhammad Ali inspired sneakers along with all the artist.

This month (August) the NYC native Cey Adams will release the pair that represents “Confidence” (pictured above). His creative skills has given him the chance to work with film, painting, graphic design, branding, merchandise design and photography. The former graffiti artist has also worked with Def Jam, and his works consist of soundtracks, movies, ad campaigns, and TV shows. This pair will be available this month at Adidas Originals stores and select Adidas accounts. (TSG)

Check out the pics of the other shoes and more info on each artist!

Eric Bailey “Dedication” drops in September

Adidas Ali Collection Eric Bailey

Bailey is known for his use of big brushes and thick paint on canvas. He shows his daily life to the world in full and living color with his paintings. His style was influenced by graffiti. Currently Bailey creates work for exhibitions and events as well as select commissions.


HVW8 aka Heavyweight “Giving” drops in October

Adidas HVW8 Ali Giving

HVW8 was formed in Montreal, Canada in 1998. Their inspiration for painting and design work comes from both art and music. Taking a mixture of clubs, parties, musicians, DJ’s and placing it into a piece of art. The Heavyweight Art Installation has toured and exhibited in America, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Puerto Rico.


Usugrow “Spirituality” drops in November

Adidas Ali Usugrow Spirituality

Usugrow was born in Fukushima, Japan and is now based in Tokyo. He started drawing during his childhood years and the mystery to his artwork continues to grow. His work has been featured on album covers, skateboards, and a list of other things. The unique work from Usugrow is in high demand. His style pays respect to traditional Japanese patterns, tattoo art, calligraphy, and death metal imagery.


Shepard Fairey “Conviction” drops in December

Adidas Ali Shepard Fairey Conviction

The 37 year old was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a contemporary graphic designer that’s well known for being the artist who created the “Andre the Giant Has a Posse“ sticker campaign, which evolved into the “Obey Giant“ campaign. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Fairey has worked with street/graffiti artist Dave Kinsey and he also found design firm Studio Number One. He is very well known for out of today’s artist.