Everyone is back in black. After taking a look at Miami’s latest upgrade for the Hurricanes, we’re seeing some spiffy blacked out designs for quite a few football teams. It’s all intentional, of course. Adidas has chosen to keep working with black for uniform upgrades which is definitely giving us something to look at.

First up was UCLA. On their Thursday win against Cal, we saw the Bruins take the field and the W in matte black helmets with gold UCLA script outlined in blue. This theme continued onto the rest of the uniform as well.

Nebraska, another adidas client, is also sporting black uniforms. We’ve seen Nebraska in black before, but now they’re coming back with matte black helmets like UCLA, as well as Primeknit Husker Bold alternates.

Then there was Mississippi State. MSU’s equipment managers made it official that their game against Kentucky would be in blacked out uniforms like the other adidas sponsored schools. It sees as though Texas A&M will also be outfitted in black, while we wait for other teams to hop the bandwagon.

Source: ESPN