We took a look at a few new additions to the British Knights line and now we’re onto another. BK seems to have been stocking up on the British Knights Kings SL silhouette, as we are getting two more shiny installments that we can’t tear our eyes away from.

This time around, we’re catching the Kings SL mid-top silhouette move forward with a monochromatic¬†design, in either a metallic silver or rose gold tone. These alongside the four newest black and white renditions offer a nice balance between simplicity and luxury. If you’re interested in copping, be sure to hit up your local British Knights retailer asap.

Source: British Knights 

Author’s Take

Compared to the latest black and white iterations of the Kings silhouette, I’m digging these a whole lot more. Anything that will turn a couple of heads is intriguing enough for me. However, I don’t normally stock BK in my collection.