The Nike Kyrie 2 was made available for customization on NIKEiD on December 9th and if you created and purchased a colorway you are going through the agonizing 4-6 week processing wait time. I know I’m always hesitant when purchasing one of my designs simply because I always question how different the actual pair would look compared to the image on NIKEiD. I know you can always return the pair if you are not satisfied with the results but who wants to go through the initial wait time, return the pair and possibly make another pair and wait again. Some images of NIKEiD finished products have surfaced. This gives us a look at how some of the options look including the silver swoosh, the ‘Quickness’ graphic and the gum sole.

NIKEiD Kyrie 2-3

NIKEiD Kyrie 2-2NIKEiD Kyrie 2-1

Via: Nyamci23

Author’s Take:

I’m too excited for the Nike Kyrie 2 on NIKEiD. I love that there are so many options available, the gum bottom and silver swoosh look great. When pairs start arriving make sure you show us your Kyrie 2 creations by tagging your photos with #Kicksonfire.