6. Pre-Draft Your Twitter RSVP to 21 Mercer on Your Phone or Twitter Client

NOTE: Nike does not need to follow you because its Twitter accounts are verified.

The Nike Twitter RSVP System uses a set of rules that are easy to put together ahead of time. Nike wants your first, last name, your shoe size, and the special hashtag they will use for that particular shoe. Because you already know 75% of that information, you can set up the Text, or tweet if you are on the computer, ahead of time, For instance, we know the account we want to DM is @21Mercer and you already know your name and shoe size, prepare your message ahead of time. Here is an example I set-up on my phone: “d 21mercer Jacques Slade Size 11 #“. I have the message on my phone ready to go to 40404.  Now all you have to do is enter the hashtag and send off the tweet.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to send 21 Mercer a DIRECT MESSAGE. When sending a DM via Text, you do not include the “@” symbol. 

While following these steps doesn’t guarantee that you will win, they will help you get a lot closer to the prize. While this will help if you are not near a computer, it always better to be on the Twitter web interface.