It’s been a little quiet on the awful sneaker meme front when it comes to the Air Jordan 5 “Black Grape.”  We were sure that when we had our fun when the “Grape” 5 made their return last month that caused the sneakerheads on social to lose their minds for a second that the fuss would die down, but as Kicks on Fire contributor Kris Gladney shows us, it’s far from being over.  Get that facepalm gif ready….


It’s been a month since the black grapes released and though the release wasn’t as bad as the monstrosity of the original Grape 5 release it’s obvious that few people really read the first article or didn’t get the message. Maybe this one will keep me from having to write an awful Air Jordan 4 “Toro Bravo” article.


While not as bad as the other grape prom(s), but just when you thought prom season was over this shows up.