The NBA preseason is kind of like a video game prequel. In actual NBA continuity, the preseason is the precursor to the regular season. But in order to entice us to pay attention during the preseason, you see plenty of new stuff that technically shouldn’t belong in that time period because they are supposed to “debut” in the regular season. Call it a paradox in the sneaker time and space continuum, I guess. If all this leads us one step closer to seeing the Nike MAG on the court then it would have been all worth it, right?

So enjoy this recap of the best kicks of NBA future past and don’t forget to vote below and let us know who you thought was our preseason MVP.  And to think, we haven’t even talked about that guy in the above video.  Always gotta be the dramatic one, eh, Mamba?

Tony Wroten – Air Jordan 5 “Red Suede/Toro Bravo”

Top Kicks of Preseason - 1 Top Kicks of Preseason - 1b

Tony Wroten did his sneaker thing in limited time with the Memphis Grizzlies last season and now with the 76ers in full-on rebuild mode, he has a chance to make a name for himself with his game on the court as well. We’ll be watching all season long, Tony.