Separated at birth, among other genetic issues….

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, sneakerheads all around America will be gathered with their loved ones – their real loved ones, not their kicks, you hypebeast – talking about the blessings they have received in the past year and what they have to look forward to for the rest of 2012.  Of course, these same sneakerheads are also counting down the minutes until Thursday is over as they either begin camping out by their computers with the hope that the severs on Nike won’t crash or hanging out by Foot Locker as they wait to see if their number is called for a pair of “Black/Red” Air Jordan 4s.

If you can get past all of the noise and negativity that goes on in the kicks game, there is actually plenty to be thankful for if you’re a sneakerhead.  Never before has the hobby been more accessible to people not only in America, but also around the world.  Old heads will lament and reminisce about times gone by, but that’s just them asking the darn kids to get their snapbacks off their lawn.  So if you’re not too much of a Debbie Downer this holiday season, here are a few things that should put a smile on sneakerheads’ face.  If not, well then, you can leave a comment below and prove my point…

21. adidas busting their a** to make you care about Derrick Rose

Dammit, don’t make me cry again, D-Rose….

Adidas has gone above and beyond in pushing the Rose 3 to the community, pumping out not only the colorways that brings in the general public, but also those that should make any enthusiast swoon.  They know the battle is uphill and it’s not just because Rose is injured; Nike and Jordan Brand dominate the sneakerhead market like few other companies own their competition.  You have to admire the Three Stripes for trying, though, tugging at our heartstrings with every episode of their “Return of D Rose” web series and for taking chances with the Rose 3 silhouette,  like the “Fresh Prince” and “Nightmare Before Christmas” colorways.