Heard around dinner tables across America…. What election?

2012 might be headed to the home stretch, but for sneakerheads, this is when things start to get interesting.  With a loaded release schedule that seems to have multiple big name drops each week, we’re listing some of our favorites to keep an eye out for.

If you’re wondering, “hey, where’s ______,” or “hey, how come there’s shoes other than Jordans,” that’s just indicative of how crazy this holiday season is going to be. We’re only going with shoes that already have confirmed release dates or we are relatively sure are going to make their way to store shelves in the next three months. Just a little preemptive strike for what we know is going to be a very vibrant comments section.

Good luck trying to pick up all of these shoes in the next three months.  If you manage to do so, please send us a picture that will probably get featured on the Kicks on Fire Instagram page.  Hope that wasn’t rent money….