Imagine the hang tag still pristine, but the shoe is messed up. What the…

So a little background before we begin: I was at Disneyland the other day – happiest place in the world blah blah, I get it – and I see somebody that could easily pass for a sneakerhead wearing his retro Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs.”  In a moment of great sneaker irony, I was also wearing the same pair of kicks.  Now, I’m not the type to be annoyed when someone wears the same pair of kicks as myself – especially at a place as huge as Disneyland – but this guy had on a pretty beat up pair  but with a pristine hang tag.  Coupled that with his mismatched San Francisco Giants cap with the sticker still on the bill, and we had the makings of a new community post on Kicks on Fire.

We all make mistakes, we’re human.  We do things that annoy our loved ones and our friends all the time.  It’s part of the quirks that make us unique individuals.  But there are also undeniably dumb things that we do from time to time that could easily be avoided if we just stopped to think about our actions.  In the case of sneakerheads, it’s mostly garden variety things but we still end up being guilty of doing them.  So as a public service, we took to Twitter and Facebook once again with the hashtag “#AnnoyingThingsSneakerheadsDo” and put together a list of sneakerhead traits we find annoying.  Just remember, if you do any one of these, you might want to think first before going out and bugging your friends.

Annoying Things That Sneakerheads Do: Ask for my toothbrush to clean their sneakers.

Ok, that’s just highly unsanitary.