Nike Huarache Robbery Attempt Leaves Boy with Broken Ribs

Another senseless act of violence over sneakers recently occurred across the pond in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 16-year-old Connor O’Neill was at a bus stop when he was approached by ten teenagers who tried to rob his Nike Air Huaraches.

His mum, Collette Renehan, told the Birmingham Mail: “He was waiting to get the bus home when a group of black and white youths and some girls came towards him. He didn’t take much notice until a white lad said, ‘I like your trainers, where did you get them?’

“Connor told him and the lad asked him what size they were. Then he said ‘take them off’.

“Connor said ‘what?’ and tried to walk away. With no warning the lad jump-kicked him in the small of the back and he fell on the kerb with such force he broke three ribs. He hurt his hands as he tried to break his fall.”

Fortunately the young teen, who is currently attending college, recovered at his family home and will be back to normal soon. Despite being assaulted O’Neill managed to keep the pair of Nikes.

via: BM