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Oh, the good old days when even MJ got reprimanded for wearing non-matching kicks. (Getty Images/NBA)

With the release of the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue/Columbia” mercifully coming tomorrow, the loop of OG colorways has once again closed. IEs notwithstanding, the “Concord”, “Columbia” and “Playoffs” that came out during the initial run of the 11s from 1995 to 1996 have all gotten at least two retro runs. So does that mean that Jordan Brand is going to put them in the proverbial vault for a few years and let the appetite for them simmer down before bringing them back? Hell no, just a few days later Jordan Brand is going to the well again with the insanely priced $500 “Ultimate Gift of Flight” pack that will be home to the long-awaited “Pantone/Reverse Legend Blue” 11s. As a great person once said, ‘it’s nice nice to want things…”

If the hype for this weekend’s release is any indication of just how far people are willing to go for a pair of 11s, you can bet that Jordan Brand is going to keep this golden goose going well into the next decade, whether they are true to their original form or in the case of the “Concord”, make them a must-have summertime release in low-cut form. But hopefully in between those OG drops are new and refreshing colorways that give the iconic silhouette some flavor.  For the most part, Jordan Brand has played it safe with their December releases because they know if they do something too dramatically different, it could ruin the perception of the 11. Basically, don’t expect any “What The 11s” to happen anytime soon. So let’s take a look at some samples and player exclusives that we have seen through the years that would absolutely wreck any sneaker that would dare drop at the same time while also maintaining the mystique of the 11s. It’s a pipe dream, but here are 11 Air Jordan 11s That Need To Release Before The OGs Return Again (And Again).