Not sure if party is for kids or for the adults (kidspartyhubph)
Not sure if party is for kids or for the adults (kidspartyhubph)

There is an image of Michael Jordan that is embedded in the minds of his fans all around the world. It is an image of greatness and perfection that must never be sullied or tainted. In their minds, he never missed a game-winning shot, he won more than six championships, he only played for the Chicago Bulls and he only had 13 (or 14 depending on who you talk to) signature shoes. Anything that disrupts that force field is met with great vengeance and furious anger. Take this pic I posted of Jordan on IG last year on his birthday. No malice, no attempt at humor; it’s just a cool pic of MJ wearing his #45 jersey, a time period in his career that I thoroughly enjoyed.

JordanBirthday - Cover

Even honest attempts to give character or a little brevity to the Jordan mystique is seen as a smear campaign by the diehards. So you can only imagine what they’re up on this 52nd birthday of their hero.

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While I advise you to not take the Jamie Foxx route, here are 10 Ways To Celebrate Michael Jordan’s Birthday..