People often mistake me for a Laker fan. Maybe it’s because I’m such an ironic Kobe Bryant fan (meaning I would rather watch Mamba take 50 shots, throw death stares at his teammates and make or miss forced game-winners than see him play facilitator and win with team play) or that I love coming up with wild trade scenarios that sound good on paper but are really just ways for me to engage in Laker fan (I love their real fans, but I can’t stand their bandwagon fans that throw up the car flags the moment they get hot) schadenfreude. Either way, my enjoyment of most NBA seasons for the past two decades has been dictated by how good or bad the Lakers have been. If they’re heating up or flaming out in the most spectacular car wreck way possible, then I’m all in. The Clippers could ditch their racist owner, go deep in the playoffs and debut a new logo and it still wouldn’t amount to the level of joy I get watching delusional Laker fans justify not trading the second overall pick in tonight’s NBA draft and Jordan Clarkson for DeMarcus Cousins because Clarkson is too valuable. Like, what?


One of the big rumors leading up to the draft has been the availability of one Boogie Cousins. Despite claiming he wants to stay in Sacramento and Kings fans hoping that he does, coach George Karl seems to want him out and one of the juiciest rumors is the aforementioned deal above. As long as Julius Randle (aka mini-Zach Randolph) and Nick Young are not involved in the trade, I am all in on Boogie coming to Los Angeles. Sure, the Lakers will be a better team right away assuming Randle and Mamba are healthy, but more than that, the idea of Cousins being the centerpiece – literally and figuratively – of the Lakers is making my head explode with all of the ways it could go right or horribly wrong.

But there are also “sneaker reasons” I would love to see a Boogie trade. As one of the few big men who consistently rocks heat on the court, having Cousins around makes the Lakers even more interesting than they already are on the sneaker front. So here are 10 Sneaker Reasons The Lakers Should Trade For DeMarcus Cousins.

10Boogie Wears LeBrons

Rocky Widner / Getty Images

The reality is that Kobe probably doesn’t care what his teammates wear on the court as long as they are producing. We can joke about him throwing shade at Julius Randle for wearing Zoom Soldiers during the preseason, but that’s all in good fun. So yes, Boogie can wear LeBrons on the court as a Laker and it will always be fun when Mamba blames a bad game on those kicks.

9Boogie Also Wears KDs

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

Similarly, Boogie has also worn KD models like the Zoom KD 4 and the KD 6. As a matter of fact…

8Boogie Even Wears Kyries

Brian Babineau / Getty Images

You know what else he wears?

7Boogie Rocks Jordan Retros


Starting to see a pattern here?

6Boogie Doesn’t Wear Kobes Often

A rare pic of Boogie wearing Kobes (NBA)

Despite our wish that every player wear signature shoes or wild player exclusives, the reality is that these athletes take their bodies seriously and they’re not going to risk an injury just so they can wear kicks that will get them attention in the blogs. Even the ones that do want the internet fame are still wearing custom insoles so they get the proper support. So maybe Boogie just doesn’t like the fit of any of Kobe’s signature shoes and it is as simple as that. No need to dive deeper, right? Mamba won’t take that as a slight…


5Kentucky Connection With Randle


If I were ever given the chance to interview Boogie as a Laker, one of the question that I would ask is his connection with Julius Randle. Because of the nature of John Calipari’s Kentucky teams often leads to plenty of one and done classes, each squad takes pride in claiming they are the best. 2010 is lead by Boogie and John Wall, 2012 has Anthony Davis and 2014 has Randle. Not only would I ask which team was better, bu which had better exclusives. Let’s hope it gets a little tense. Speaking of tense..

4Sneaker Rivalry With Blake Griffin

Getty Images / NBA

Yeah, Nike and Jordan are the same thing to most people, but there are bragging rights between the two and the title of best sneaker big man in Los Angeles will be up for grabs if Boogie makes the move. It’s no secret that it’s always heated when Boogie and Blake meet up and things could amp up if they’re not only competing on the court for the city dominance, but if they both bring the fire with their kicks. Blake doesn’t wear Air Jordans proper on the court, but if Boogie is out there showing off with a fire retro, Blake might have to bring out something from what is surely a deep collection.

3Player Exclusives Galore

Bob Donnan / USA Today

Whether it was the Nike Zoom Soldier 8 or the Nike Hyperfuse 2014, Boogie always had some of the best player exclusives of those respective kicks. If he makes his second All-Star team next season, that will be another pair that sneakerheads will be keeping an eye on.

2Boogie’s Collection Moves To Los Angeles


As evidenced by this famous picture, Boogie is not shy about showing off his sneaker collection. With a potential move to Los Angeles, he’s a short drive away from all sorts of big name sneaker spots. Expect that collection to only grow.

1Boogie Signature Shoe?

Denis Doyle / Getty Images

Nike giving a big man a signature is a pipe dream for sure, but if Boogie can lead the Lakers back to prominence and maybe even a new dynasty, they might not have a choice. As much as it would pain me to see Mamba fade into the background, having Boogie around would not be a bad replacement. And if the Lakers can really build around Cousins and surround him with championship level talent, the Nike Vault store adjacent to Staples might have a new occupant.