The face you make when you see a colorway that doesn't look right. (Loca4ToolCastle)
The face you make when you see a colorway that doesn’t look right. (Loca4ToolCastle)

So we’ve been on this retro “phase” for a number of years now.  Just when it seems like things are dying down and sneakerheads are looking forward to seeing kicks that are actually the latest and greatest, we get news that a pair that we haven’t seen in 20 years is coming back for a whole new generation to appreciate.  Along with dropping them in the colorways that made them great (or not because there are a lot of retros coming out now that were garbage then but are called “ahead of their time” now), brands attempt to create a long-tail of sales for these kicks by creating multiple colorways of the shoe.  Sometimes they work and the result is a retro that does live on thanks to the new colorways that shine a new light on the kicks, but then are those that should have been left alone.  The kicks we’re talking about today?  Should have just stuck with OGs…