The good old days…

NIKEiD began with around 7 base colors on a few kicks and a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks. While it will take you a while to get your shoes, the possibilities have grown to unforeseen peaks in the past few years. When I was younger and first started using NIKEiD, my dream was to have any kind of Jordans on the service. Well, not only did Nike answer my prayers they went above and beyond; the things you can do on NIKEiD nowadays is almost like having a direct partnership with the brand. It doesn’t matter what you are into; NIKEiD has something that you will want, with available for soccer, football, skateboarding, running and of course basketball with the same prints, graphics and materials that you find on sneakers released in stores. It is definitely well worth it to look into what they have available especially if you’ve missed out on some big releases over the past few months