May 25 will be a day that will live on in sneakerhead infamy or it’s really much ado about nothing.  Even if you don’t care about the much talked about restock tomorrow, chances are you know somebody right now who is vacillating between taking the plunge and camping out (online or at the local Champs) or holding off for something coming down the pipeline.  Kicks on Fire contributor Lea Turgeon looks at the struggle the only way possible: with tongue firmly placed in cheek.  – Juan

Really? The meme is here now?

When the big Air Jordan restock hits tomorrow, many of us will unfortunately miss out on the kicks we want again. It’s a vicious game, but while some of us will be striking out, others won’t even be taking cuts. Sidelining for this crazed restock may seem crazy, but there are a couple reasonable reasons to sit out to go along with the unreasonable ones.

Unreasonable Excuses

5. “I don’t have room”

Image: The Hundreds

There is always a solution for having too many pairs. Hit up Kixify to sell some of your collection and make some room if you have to. Buy some storage space. Do some good and give away a few pairs of your old beaters. No matter what route you take, you know you can free up some space for the May 25th release. So do it.